Specialists in LGBTIQ+ inclusivity within educational settings



Inclusivity Consultants believe that safe, supportive learning environments are essential to the wellbeing of LGBTIQ+ young people and to the effectiveness and success of their educational institutions and workplaces.


We celebrate diversity and inclusivity and their role in allowing all people the opportunity to achieve their potential. When young people feel acknowledged, included and respected in their communities, they are free to focus on developing their best selves.


We are passionate about increasing awareness and understanding of sexuality, gender, and body diversity – the areas around which a great amount of bullying occurs in learning environments.



Inclusivity Consultants help create safe, supportive and celebratory learning environments that allow LGBTIQ+ young people to thrive and to maximise their potential.


Research shows discrimination and bullying of LGBTIQ+ people seriously impacts student achievement and wellbeing. Research also shows that educational staff are often unsure of how to address these concerns and seek guidance in developing strategies to create safe, inclusive spaces.


Inclusivity Consultants aim to support transgender and gender diverse young people and their families by developing and delivering LGBTIQ+ awareness and education to them, their peers, teachers, counsellors and others in their learning environments.


Inclusivity Consultants offers specialised skills and experience for a whole-organisation approach to anti-bullying and inclusive practices. We identify and lead the behavioural, cultural and institutional changes that will create the positive, supportive environments needed for successful learning.

We offer a range of customised education and support services that give teachers, administrators and others the information, resources and tools to engage effectively with LGBTIQ+ students and to model positive behaviours in their communities.


Inclusivity Consultants are committed to:
– raising awareness around LGBTIQ+ discrimination within educational settings
– increasing understanding that discrimination and bullying seriously impacts student achievement and wellbeing
– giving organisations the knowledge, tools and support they need to create positive learning environments.


Customised programs for people who work with youth within an educational context.


Our services include policy development, action plans and support.


Our experienced consultants, trainers and speakers offer expert advice.


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