About Us

Inclusivity Consultants – specialists in LGBTIQ+ inclusivity, anti-bullying and embracing diversity.


We offer a range of education and support services to help organisations, their staff members and students to create safe, supportive and celebratory work and learning environments.


We specialise in designing custom-made training programs based on gap-analysis and needs-assessment, advising on best practice and developing policies, strategy and action plans to enhance inclusivity and diversity and to combat bullying.


Our lead consultants have extensive experience working with educational and health organisations, individuals and families to improve the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ+ staff and students. With over 10 years’ experience in working directly with schools, delivering LGBTIQ+ inclusivity training and consulting on inclusive practice, we understand teachers and the school environment and delivering NESA-accredited training.

Darby Carr has over 30 years experience working with diverse communities in a range of educational roles. He has a BA in Communications and has worked extensively in the theatre, performing and delivering educational programs in a variety of settings including schools, youth centres, youth detention centres and other community settings as well as within Indigenous communities all over NSW.


He has also worked as a guide, educating the public about Indigenous history and contemporary life in central Australian communities. Later, he worked for the Historic Houses Trust (Sydney Living Museums) as a visitor interpretation officer and as part of the Connected Classrooms program, presenting live broadcasts of Australian curriculum into schools across NSW.


Throughout his varied work history, he has been motivated by a desire to advocate for human rights and for the past four years, has delivered LGBTIQ+ inclusivity and diversity awareness training in schools, helping create and foster celebratory learning environments.

Mary Flaskas has over 25 years’ experience working in the fields of education, training, community development, advocacy and legal support.

Recently, her work has focussed on delivering training to a range of professionals around inclusivity and diversity, fostering an awareness of the needs of people with intellectual disability and LGBTIQ+ young people.

She has degrees in Literature and Fine Arts, Graduate Diplomas in Education and Community Development and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Mary is also a poet and artist who believes in the transformative power of creative expression.

“In 2017 ABC Pride invited Darby Carr to be a guest panellist at a staff forum to mark RUOK Day, offering his unique knowledge and perspective on mental health at work through the prism of sexual diversity. Other guests included the host of ABC TV News, the host of RN Drive, and a Twenty10 Board member and psychologist. Darby participated in the event attended by over 200 staff with enormous generosity, insight and enthusiasm. His assistance in research for the discussion proved invaluable, highlighting issues around creating a safe workplace that both enlightened and built on work the ABC is progressing in this space. It was a pleasure for our staff to be able to learn from his expertise and how that might apply to our daily interactions with one another.” Jo Chichester.