Our Services

Inclusivity Consultants wants to make your school, college, university, workplace, organisation, home or other environment safe, supportive and celebratory for LGBTIQ+ young people. We do that by giving teachers, staff, team members and family the theory, research, referrals, resources and tools you need to engage effectively with LGBTIQ+ students and to develop positive behaviours among others in their communities.

Here are some of the key services we provide to ensure LGBTIQ+ inclusive practise in your environment. Talk to us about how we can put together the right package for you.


Education, Training and Support

We have a range of training modules and can develop workshops and resources specifically for you, based on the needs of your learning environment.

Information. Training. Curriculum alignment. Assemblies. Discussion panels. Speaker forums.



We can survey staff and students to understand how they perceive LGBTIQ+ inclusivity in their learning environment or workplace and we explore your structure and systems. This identifies gaps and key areas for improvement, informs how we develop programs for you and establishes benchmarks for monitoring your future progress on key inclusivity and diversity measures.


Policy Development

We’ll work with you to adapt existing policies to make sure they are LGBTIQ+ inclusive and to create new policies that help to encourage and support diversity.


Action Planning

We work with you to develop a meaningful, realistic program to ensure inclusive practices and achieve an engaging, supportive, celebratory learning and working environment.


Individual Consultancy

We work with transitioning students and their families to support their wellbeing and help them to thrive in their learning school environment.


Resourcing Student Diversity Groups

We work directly with students to help in setting up, refocussing or revitalising their peer support groups for LGBTIQ+ young people.


Speakers and commentators

Our lead consultants are available to speak at your conference or forum, appear on panels or provide commentary on topical issues relating to LGBTIQ+ identities, gender diversity, anti-bullying strategies and inclusivity awareness. Our extensive experience working in this area will add informed and engaging voices to your event.

If you’d like support in any of these areas, we’d love to have a conversation with you to explore how Inclusivity Consultants can work with you.


“Their depth of knowledge and engaging materials are so valuable.”